Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Rain Day from School

When I came home from Africa this year Maryann informed me that we had a tree growing in our backyard and I needed to take care of it. She has periodically reminded me of the tree and told me that it is just getting bigger!
I have always just wanted a yard with grass that I can lay in and look at the stars. I have cleaned the yard and others have cleaned the yard, but I have never planted grass. I have a friend who always said she was going to plant grass for me when I was away in Africa. Alas, that has never happened.
I had the day off of school because of rain and it ended up being quite a nice day at my house. A thought came to me in the morning "hey, with all the rain it might be pretty easy to pull all that up." The morning was pretty cool weather wise, so I decided "why not?"

Here is the famous "tree".

The yard before I started working.

Here is the evil enemy that has even tried to take over the bike. Do you know what it is? :)

Here I am all decked out and ready to work complete with long sleeves, long pants, socks and shoes, and my bathroom gloves. At this point I am unsure if I will have a reaction to the enemy.

I pulled the "tree" up first. Like the roots?

Then I started in on the bigger growth.

Not sure what was growing. Don't tell Maryann, but I think they are actually "baby trees" from the evil tree in our yard because I recognize the evil berries.

After six hours of work with a break for lunch and a nap, I have finally finished!

With the afternoon sun and all that work I was hot, tired, and ready for a shower

Did these pants really use to fit me? I mean I know I have never had much of anything in the rear area, but seriously. I had to keep pulling my pants up because I did not think to put on a belt. I was hoping I did not end up with a rash from the enemy where I had to keep pulling up my pants :)

Since it was only two days before Maryann's birthday, I decided this would be the perfect gift :)

I even saved her tree! Happy 36th!

Maybe for my birthday I will get grass or at least a new pair of bathroom gloves :) Who wants to help?
BTW, I guess either I did a great job of staying covered and washing off or I am not allergic to the enemy. I think it was the latter, because at one point I pulled a huge vine out of the real tree and it landed on my face on the way down.