Friday, July 25, 2008

Hawaii Highlights

Here are some of my pictures from Hawaii in no particular order. I had the trip of a lifetime. Thanks to Aunt Neva and Katie for being wonderful hosts.
My view from the air on my way to Hawaii

Lots of picture worthy clouds and flowers everywhere.

Black sand beach on the big island.

Controlling the Bowfin submarine

Our turtle hunt was a success

The Mighty Mo

Catamaran lunch cruise

Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

Swimming with the wild dolphins

Hiking Diamond Head, including 273 steps by my count

Luau at the PCC, like the tattoo

Dole Plantation

The volcano is alive!

The southern most city in the US

Laie Temple

Me and the PCC

My first rainbow

Kayak quitter

Hanauma Bay from the air. What a fun place to snorkel!

My sunset few from the plane

Monday, July 7, 2008

Update for All the Helpers

I am working on a project in "The Room of Doom". Around the top of my room I am hanging pictures that I have taken during my travels. I got the first three hung on Saturday and I thought I would let all of you see what it is looking like. Thanks to all of you who are stalking your local Wal-mart to help me find enough frames. (If you want to be one of my stalkers, just let me know). I just love how it looks and can't stop looking at it. Even when I go to the bathroom before I go to bed, I take a detour to look at this wall before getting in bed. I hope you enjoy it as much as me. Please excuse the imperfections still on the ceiling. Here is the closeup of my Eiffel Tower picture that I have been told is an award winning picture. Of course it is in black and white on my wall and I just love it. All of you are invited to see the finished product when it is done.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ode to Mustard

I love it with a hot dog
It's always great with cheese
Whatever I am eating
It is sure to please

It MUST be cheap and yellow
With no fancy label
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner
Just bring it to the table

On a sausage biscuit
Or with a chick-fil-a
I know I could eat it
Either night or day

I have even tried it
Just squirting on my finger
I try to use precaution
'cause the stain will really linger

And now some words of wisdom
For one little boy
Please don't treat the mustard
Like it is a toy

If you truly love it
Don't leave it on your face
Make sure that you put it
In its proper place