Saturday, June 28, 2008

Guess What!

To be delivered July 3rd. I'm so excited!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When was the last time you enjoyed a popsicle this much?

Sunglasses and Bananas

Mia got some new Hello Kitty sunglasses. I think they are very styling. Dallin decided he wanted some more banana even though he still had some in his mouth. He never ate his dinner of course.
Dallin is into karate chops lately. When you hear "hiya" you better watch out. He also likes to say "not fair" and "ah nuts". When you take his picture, even though he asked you to, he grabs his eyes and says "my eyes" like he is now blind.


I tried to get Mia and Dallin to take a nap on Sunday afternoon, because I wanted a nap of course. They would not take the bait and fought it every minute. I told them they would be asleep in five minutes when we got in the car. Mia informed me that she does not nap, just Dallin. Dallin was asleep within 5 minutes and Mia was asleep in 10. I did not get a nap of course. I will never understand why children do not want to nap, but most adults would love a nap.
When we got to their house I woke them up to go in. They both decided to cry at the top of their lungs, just how Diane and Ben wanted to be greeted :) Dallin then promptly laid on the floor and went back to sleep.


Before I took Dallin and Mia home on Sunday Dallin decided he needed to attack both his aunts.
Yes that is ALL of my school stuff in our dining room. Anyone want to have a dinner party?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cami and the Gang

My first look at Cami Cami and Mommy
Cami and Aunt Ruth
Cami after enjoying lunch, she is a sleep eater :)

Dallin and Mia came for a spend the night party so I planned biscuits for breakfast since I knew that is what Diane normally feeds them. I asked Maryann to pick up a bag of biscuits when she went to Wal-mart. Mia told me she was hungry last night as a stall tactic before going to bed. I told her that was great because I knew she would be hungry for her biscuit in the morning. She asked me to wake her up when the biscuits were ready. When she woke up she asked if the biscuits were ready. Maybe she was hungry last night! I looked in the freezer, there were no biscuits and I started to panic. I calmly went to Maryann's room and asked her if she forgot the biscuits. She said she bought them, so I looked in the freezer again, no biscuits. Being the problem solver that I am I looked in the refrigerator to find a small can of biscuits. I cooked them up and went with it. When I served Mia her biscuit she looked less than thrilled. After a short time Mia looked at me and said, "My mom makes good biscuits." I told her I knew she did and these were good biscuits too, Aunt Maryann had just bought a different kind. Mia came to me a little latter and asked, "Did she go to the wrong Wal-mart?" :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am finally ready to share graduation with all of you who wanted to be there, but couldn't make it :) This is the view from Dad's seat of me being hooded.This is the view that I "borrowed" from the professional photographer of me being hooded.
This is me shaking hands with the president, don't ask me his name, after receiving my diploma case, minus the diploma of course, still waiting on that.
This is me with the crowd in the background.
Yup! That's me again. I like this picture, too bad about the shadow. Thanks again to the photographers. (I will be ordering, so I didn't steal without paying a price.)
Mom, Dad, and me pre graduation.

Jody, Allyson, and Me post graduation.

We had a most delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse after we were finished, sorry, no picture. I am willing to recreate the experience for anyone who would like to buy me dinner. Now that I am finished, who will be next? (Angel...Ben...Bueller) I am so glad to be finished. It was a crazy 15 months. If anyone is interested in reading my research just let me know:) For those of you who were wondering, YES, I donated my hair (11 in.)just hours before graduation. I couldn't figure out what to do with it so I decided it needed to go. (Thanks Amber for the last minute cut)