Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Laughable Moments

Last night Maryann slept out in the living room with the kids and this morning Sophie said to me: "I don't know how you live with Aunt Maryann!" I wondered where this came from and asked, "What are you talking about?" To which Sophie replied, "She snores SOOO LOUD!"

Henry has been eyeing the chips Maryann bought for them to have for lunch today and asked several times last night if he could have some. When Maryann announced that it was time for lunch today they all ran to the table. Henry promptly asked for some chips. Maryann told him he could have some chips after he ate all his grapes. Henry said "What??" in a high voice like he couldn't believe this.

Yesterday Alex got my cell phone which I mistakenly left on the end table. He started pushing buttons saying call mommy and ignored me when I asked him to bring it to me. All of a sudden my phone started ringing and he looked at it like "What did I do?" In his moment of confusion I grabbed my phone to find it was a tired sounding Uncle David. Alex had called him and hung up on him. Alex continued to say call mommy so later Maryann called mommy. When Alex requested another call to his mommy later on, Maryann told him he already talked with his mommy to which he smiled big and said, "Call Daddy!"

As I was helping to put the boys' shoes on this morning Henry kept searching around in the shoe bag saying something about a shoehorn. He finally produced the shoehorn and said, "See, put this in the shoe and it helps little boys put their shoes on." Is it just me or do all children know about shoehorns?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

Last year as a birthday gift for Sophie, Maryann and I had Max and Henry spend the night. The boys requested another spend the night party and so for a belated anniversary present all the Roggermeier children came to spend the night. I wanted to share just a few of the funny things said while they were visiting.
Me: "Alex don't touch Herbie!" (Herbie is a plant I have has since 1993. Thanks Diane, for keeping him alive while I was on my mission.)
Henry: "Herbie? Where's dad?"
Me: "I named that plant Herbie long before your father was ever in the picture."
Henry: "What picture?"

Henry: "Aunt Ruth, who's your dad?"
Me: "My dad is your Grandpa."
Henry: "Who's Aunt Maryann's dad?"
Me: "Her dad is your grandpa?"
Henry: "What about my mom's dad?"
Me: "He is your grandpa too."
Henry: "Do you have grandchildren?"
Me: "No Henry, I am not married."
Henry: "Aunt Ruth, why aren't you married?"
At this point Sophie told him all about this same conversation we had years ago and then she said I never really gave her an answer to all her questions. I think Henry originally just wanted to know where my husband was, but said dad. If any of you see my husband, let me know so Henry and Sophie can stop wondering about him. ;)

Maryann: "Max, how old do you think Aunt Ruth is?"
Max: "Uh, eighteen?"
Me: "How old is Aunt Maryann?"
Max: "Uh, fourteen and a half."
Me: "You think I am older than her?"
Max: "Are you ten?"
By the way I loved eighteen. I was sad on my nineteenth birthday because I didn't want to leave eighteen. Oh how silly I was back then. I wouldn't mind being nineteen again :)

We were having a discussion with Max about how he needed to dress himself and pull up his own pants when he went to preschool. Max said he knew how and Maryann said he had just pulled up his own pants after she wiped him. Max said he just needs help when his shirt gets stuck over his head. Then Henry said "or when we doesn't want to do it!" We laughed and Henry said, "I know all Max's secrets!" :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ruth's Wanderings: Episode I

This is the first installment of what I hope to become the pilot of my upcoming T.V. series. :) It won't always be a cooking show, but will be insights into random things in my life. I got my first egg cuber from Sister Tanner on my mission in Florence, Oregon. She took great pride in inviting all the new sisters to her house for lunch. On your plate would be this random white cube. She would delight in watching you decide what to do with this random item for you to eat. Depending on how you handled it and if she decided she liked you she would gift you with an egg cuber of your very own. Since I got home from my mission I have enjoyed sharing square eggs with others and Maryann found more for me on the Internet. Now I can make six eggs at one time rather than one!