Sunday, November 6, 2011

Am I crazy?

Just a little update on me and what I am doing. During my second year of teaching I started my Masters in Educational Leadership. I enjoyed the classes and was set to move into a leadership role. Then came the big move from New Mexico and I did not finish my degree. When I came to my current county I decided that I needed more time. In that time I have taught for 13 years and received my Masters in Education. I have always remembered my desire to go into leadership and have enjoyed opportunities to lead and to teach. This summer while at camp (you might remember those crazy times) I was prompted to put this dream back towards the front of my priorities. I also spent time this summer with one of the greatest principals (she will remain nameless to protect the innocent :) I was able to help with interviews, scheduling, and to see some ins and outs of what goes on. She encouraged me to move along with my education.
So, here is the update! I went to an information meeting on Sept. 27th for a Specialists program with a local university. I was very impressed and knew that this was the program I had been waiting on. On October 18th all of my paperwork was due to the county to be accepted into their leadership cohort. On November 3rd I got my acceptance letter and will need to turn in all my paperwork to apply to the university before Dec. 1st. Yesterday morning I bought my practice book for the GRE and last night I reserved my seat to take the test on Nov. 17th. (The last day to take it and reach all the deadlines.) Some think I should be scared, but I don't have time to think about that. I welcome any words of encouragement or tricks of the trade for doing well.
I know that this is the path I should be taking right now, so I know it will work out. I am excited for this new adventure, but just thinking about it makes me a little tired. I think I will go take a nap! :)


Elizabeth said...

Good luck, Ruth. You asked for advise: Pray, do everything you possibly can, and pray some more!

Amanda said...

Ditto to Elizabeth, and repetition is best. review a little at a time, often. Congrats in advance. I love you!

Sue Ellen said...

You always seem to come out on top when you go for something you want. Just do your very best and let Heavenly Father do the rest.We love you and have faith in you. Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

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